We used to nickname her pumpkin when she was younger

Saturday, March 31, 2012

In memory of Terra, our beautiful furry friend.

September 1997-March 29, 2012
A little something I wrote...

Little Kitty
Turn around little kitty so you see me waving at you.
I know they are back there crying over your little body.
You feel their longing for your presence and see their tears of deep grief.
Don’t be sad little kitty you can always see them
They won’t always be crying.

Please little kitty, turn to me and you will see you know me too.
Don’t linger in their sadness for they will never recover,
 if they sense you have not moved on.
I know you want to comfort them little kitty, I do too. 
I know you love them so much little kitty, as I do.

Turn to me little kitty for I love you too and together we will love them from here.
Please little kitty just turn your gaze towards me and all will be well, I promise you.
That’s right, turn, turn your gaze my direction. Yes little kitty, do you see me now?
Yes! Little kitty, it’s me!

I see your recognition, I don’t look the same but neither do you my sweet little kitty.
That’s it! Run! Run to me.  My sweet little angel, I love you so.
We will wait and love them, we will play in the heavens, we will smell new types of flowers and hear new types of music.
We will marvel at God’s creations we never saw before.
We will do this together.

And when the time comes, we will be there to greet them when they come home to God.
We will always be together. We always are together, they just don’t remember, but they will.

Look little kitty, they are smiling when they think of us, the tears are beginning to dry up.
Let’s go walk through the fields of heaven while they enjoy a moment of peace.
You see? We can watch them in these heavenly clouds, we can send them love through beams of God’s light.
 Sometimes they will know we are there and sometimes they won’t but don’t be disheartened little kitty, just like us, they will know for sure one day.
Oh little angel! You will soon realize you are not a kitty anymore and will stop batting at these heavenly bejeweled butterflies glinting in the love of God.

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